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          Consumer Electronics

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          From smart homes to autonomous cars, connected living is no longer a scene from a sci-fi movie, but a very true reality.
          Thanks to ubiquitous connectivity, technology has become an increasing part of our everyday lives. A simple visit to a technology event like CES (Consumer Electronics Show) shows the expanse of this universe of connected gadgets and wearables.
          Technology has the ability to augment and enhance our way of living, whether it is through artificial intelligence built into our personal digital assistants; or through smartwatches or fitness trackers that help monitoring our well-being; or through use of drones for personal entertainment to new logistical solutions.

          The Challenges for connected devices industry

          • Miniaturization: Consumer devices come in all shapes and sizes. Consumer OEM are increasingly under pressure to use the real estate on their device more effectively to maximize its ROI
          • Ruggedness: Consumer gadgets, especially wearable technology, are expected to be prone to rugged use, including shocks, dampness and so on. This is almost contradictory to the need of miniaturization, since ruggedness requires extra layers of protection
          • Independent Connectivity: This is especially true for very mobile devices, such as wearables, tablets and laptops. The nomad consumer of this digital age does not want to go through the perils of using a smartphone as a modem, through a USB or Bluetooth connectivity
          • Security & Privacy: When left unsecure, connectivity may open doors to new attack vectors for cybercriminals, endangering consumer privacy
          • Standardization: OEMs looking to deploy innovative solutions need to develop standards-compliant products to ensure they can be integrated into the larger IoT ecosystem of connected stakeholders
          • Consumer Experience: The whole promise of IoT lies in providing an enhanced experience to end consumers. OEM have to deal with all the above challenges, while still trying to ensure a smooth customer experience

          Gemalto’s Solutions for Consumer Electronics

          eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning empower consumer OEMs to develop new user experiences enabled by high-speed connectivity.

          Gemalto Instant Connect

          Gemalto Instant Connect allows OEMs and mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide initial mobile connectivity to genuinely offline eSIM-enabled devices at power on, wherever they are, while drastically simplifying OEMs' supply chain and enhancing the user experience.
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          Gemalto On-Demand Subscription Manager (OSM)

          For OEM that want to deliver more value to their consumers, Gemalto offers the On-Demand Subscription Manager solution. Based on the latest GSMA specifications and built on Global Platform standards, OSM empowers OEM to provide seamless subscription management capabilities to its consumers. OSM enables OEM to develop their own partnership strategy with MNOs across the globe.
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          Based on GSMA’s specifications, the eSIM (or eUICC) is an evolution of the SIM card, tailored to meet the requirements of miniaturization, ruggedness and security. With the eSIM, OEMs have the peace of mind that their consumer devices will be able to connect easily to cellular networks, no matter which part of the globe they are shipped.
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          Gemalto is a leader in digital security solutions, working actively with more than 450 mobile network operators worldwide. Our products are used by billions of consumers of digital services around the globe. We are uniquely placed in the connected ecosystem to enable consumer electronics manufacturers to connect with the MNO world, and deliver superior customer experience to end consumers.

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          • Connecting Smart Objects

            Read the infographic
          • On-Demand Subscription Manager

            Subscription management plays an instrumental role in connecting objects, from industrial M2M applications like smart vehicles to consumer electronic devices like smart watches. Discover main business drivers to have a GSMA compliant subscription management solution.

            On-Demand Subscription Manager (PDF - 721 kb]