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          Mobile Engagement & Monetization

          Mobile Engagement

          Mobile Engagement

          Engage and retain your customers with multi channels mobile campaigns and achieve your business objectives with our mobile marketing solutions and analytics tools.

          For Mobile Operators
          For Retailers, Service Providers, Brands
          For Financial Institutions & Insurance Companies

          Data Monetization

          Data Monetization

          As a mobile operator, monetize your subscribers data and network information while preserving their privacy and consent.

          Mobile Engagement campaigns
          Fraud Protection
          Mobile Identity Monetization

          Fraud Protection

          Fraud Protection

          Stop SIM-swap fraud with a strong and secure solution, protect your subscribers digital identity by improving banks risk assessment management with real-time customers insights and network information. 

          More on Fraud Protection

          Mobile Identity Service

          Mobile Identity Monetization

          Ease and secure your customers online authentication & transactions, enhanced their registration journey through a safe and consent based attributes sharing.

          More on Mobile Identity Monetization

           CABIS (Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System) Consulting Services

          Consulting Services

          Whatever your mobile marketing needs, our dedicated marketing experts expand your business while respecting the golden rules of privacy.

          Mobile Marketing & Consulting Services

          Mobile channels

          Mobile Channels

          Leverage on  a unique combination of 5 mobile marketing channels to send value to your customers and not only messages.

          More on Mobile Channels



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