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          Biometrics at the heart of digital innovation

          Facial Recognition

          Biometrics has become part of our daily lives. We unlock our smartphones with our thumbprints or faces. Airports increasingly use biometric devices at security checkpoints. And a growing number of countries are adopting the use of biometrics in their national identity documents and passports. But while we use biometrics more and more, many of us don’t really even know what “biometrics” means. 

          In this report, we will look more deeply into the technology, its many real-world applications and why the ethics of facial recognition need to evolve in tandem with its applications:

          1. Biometrics: automated and reliable personal identification
          2. Biometrics in the public sector
          3. Why do we need biometrics?
          4. Natural allies: artificial intelligence, IoT and biometrics
          5. Biometrics in the private sector
          6. Biometric data storage: a security challenge
          Facial Recognition Whitepaper

          Download the Facial Recognition whitepaper: